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PRO KENNEX TORPEDO Tennis Racket Grip size L2

The ProKennex Torpedo Blue tennis racket has a good sized 100in2 (645cm2) head which gives it a larger sweet spot for more forgiveness on off-centre hits and a better power potential. The racquet has an even balance which means it offers good feel and the 310g (11oz) frame is a comfortable weight. The Torpedo Blue is made for recreational use and is aimed at beginners. Built from a combination of graphite and alloy materials, the racket is strong and comes pre-strung with a Crystal Plus string in an open 16x19 pattern, and a 3/4 cover is included for its protection.

Product Features
  • Head Size: 100in2 (645cm2)
  • Frame Weight: 310g (11oz)
  • Balance: 335mm (Even)
  • Beam Width: 23mm
  • Length: 27” (686mm)
  • Supplied strung with a Crystal Plus string
  • String Pattern: 16x19
  • Frame Construction: Graphite / Alloy
  • Grip: Griptack
  • 3/4 cover included

The correct grip size is essential when ordering a new racket. How to determine the right size? Hold your racket in the standard ‘Eastern Forehand Grip’ and keep the head vertical. Place your thumb on the handle. When you have the correct grip size, your index finger of your other hand should be able to fit in between the ring finger and palm of the hand with which you’re holding the racket. If there isn’t enough room to place your index finger, your grip is too small. If there’s room left, the grip is too large.

  • Grip 2 = 4 1/4 inches = 10,80cm to 11,10cm
  • Grip 3 = 4 3/8 inches = 11,11cm to 11,42cm