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  • Old-school pool style hybrid skateboard for both street and bowl.¶ÿ
  • Genuine Canadian Maple deck - light and flexible for great pop.¶ÿ
  • Large single kicker and raised nose 29" x 7" deck to cross over between street & ramp riding.¶ÿ
  • Full deck grip.¶ÿ
  • Super sized 62x46mm PU wheels - All round performer.¶ÿ
  • ABEC5 chrome steel bearings for a smoother, faster more fluent ride.¶ÿ
  • Heavy duty aluminium trucks for durability.¶ÿ
  • PU progressive cushions for better performance, smoother more fluent turns & greater durability.¶ÿ
  • Quality rubber truck spacers for reduced board vibration & noise.¶ÿ
  • Dome king pins - extra clearance for smoother grinds.