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Complete body tone in minutes a day!

The Door Gyms simple yet important feature will give you the ability to mimic the best gym excersizes. It will not harm your door and is designed to stay secure!

When you combine this amazing component with the unique clip system, you have a compact muscle working machine.


  • Unique range of motion gives total body toning!
  • Strengthen your back, shape your chest, trip arms, tone legs & abs.
  • Easily attaches to most doors, Just slip the loop over the door and the stopper will secure the loop strap in place once the door is closed.
  • Excersize course included - describes over 10 easy-to-do excersizes
  • Strengthens, Tones & stretches the entire body
  • Perfect for all ages & fitness levels

Approx 80cm from handle to door stopper.