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Why Choose the 4ft Trophy Getters® Bulk Gear Bag?

The Trophy Getters® Bulk Gear Bag is made for longevity, security and durability.
This Gear Bag is made for the Mass Group Boxing Instructor.
Made from heavy duty Ripstop material and combined with 2 lockable metal zippers, this bag can ensure the security of your gear.
The Bulk Gear Bag also houses single straps on each end of the bag, dual Velcro secured hand straps and an adjustable shoulder padded strap for ease of transportation.
The Bulk Gear Bag also contains an internal waterproof lined pocket for small items and a breathable external zipped pocket for those extra cotton inners or stretch wraps.
If you’re looking for a Gear Bag with the highest quality casing, incredible durability and added security, you cannot go past the Trophy Getters Bulk Gear Bag.
Whether you’re looking for a Gear Bag that will last a lifetime or a that will hold lots of gear with no risk of tearing, this bag is for you.

Best Features

  • Colours: Red or Black
  • Double Zipped for Locking
  • Internal Velcro Waterproof Pocket
  • Heavy Duty Ripstop Material
  • Size: 4ft
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • External Breathable Pocket

Bulk gear transportation and security

RIPSTOP Bags that wont tear