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TaoTool is an EDC tool for safely opening packages and more. 

Opening courier packages is as easy as opening a zipper. 

Its all stainless steel opening knife sickle blade meets with packing wrap, it is undaunted, ever-sharp and always up to the cut, whether it’s slicing or scraping.  Use it every day to safely open deliveries; it won’t harm the goods within; it is even up to saving your life, cutting cleanly through rope like a handy penknife, even if the twine is coated in scrape resistant Teflon.  

To keep it handy for everyday use, the TaoTool is made to fit your key ring, and is easy to handle and hold.  Keep it on the key ring all the time where it will be ready for EDC safety tool use.

We have just heard that yesterday in Munich at the 2016 ISPO Award Ceremony for announcing the gold prize and the Product of the Year Prize to be issued on February 24, 2016 at 1 p.m. on the third floor of the Beijing International Exhibition Centerat the viewing stage area.  Together we are looking forward to being at the event.  Also, from February 24 – 27, during the ISPO exhibition, we welcome everyone to come view and try our produts, including the UL360, the Knisfor and the TaoTool.