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Muay Thai Shin Guards NZ

If you’re looking for Muay Thai Shin Guards, the Punch Shin pads are ideal for training your students in Muay Thai, MMA and kickboxing. They’re lightweight but still provide solid protection from your kneecap down to your toes. The shin guard grips your leg and doesn’t spin around while training.

We recommend this product for instructors that are training beginners in kickboxing, thai boxing, MMA and Muay Thai.


  • Medium size: under 75kg
  • Large size: 80kg – 85kg
  • Extra large size: over 85kg

Kickboxing shin pads

These shin guards are ideal for kickboxing drills and sparring. They provide excellent protection from heavy training. With heavy duty velcro straps, they won’t slip off during training. There’s nothing more frustrating then a pad that continually slips around while your sparring and with these shin guards, you won’t have that problem!